Sweet Rose Balm


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This Sweet Rose Balm is made with wild harvested roses which not only give this balm a beautiful soft red hue, but also enrich it with lots of great vitamins and anti oxidants.

This Sweet Rose Balm is therefore not only great to use as a subtle lip tint or blush, it also is great to use on any dry skin areas, little wrinkles or any other imperfections! Please note that since this Sweet Rose Balm is pigmented with roses, the red hue will be subtle. If you are looking for more pigmented red lip product, we can recommend our Hibiscus Lip Tint.


☀ ORGANIC ROSE PETALS are full of natural plant goodness. They are super soothing for the skin with their rich oils and contain lots of vitamins that will feed your skin with good nutrition.

☀ SHEA BUTTER contains lots of fatty acids such as omega 3s and 6s. It penetrates through the skin to hydrate the deeper skin levels creating intense hydration on multiple levels.

☀ CANDELILLA WAX helps to lock in moisture to prevent the skin from drying out.


This is a truly versatile product! You can use is as both a lip balm or lip tint, or why not apply it on your cheeks for a little bit of glow and color on those makeup free days? We also love to use this balm on any dry skin, wrinkles, or even scrapes and bruises.


Organic roses, organic shea butter, organic olive oil, candelilla wax, iron oxides.

PACKAGING OPTIONS This Sweet Rose Balm is currently sold in a 15ml (0.51 oz) rose gold aluminium jar.