Rose Quartz Face Roller + Gua Sha Stone


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Face Roller Rose Quartz

Have you ever heard of Gua Sha? It's an ancient Chinese method which literally means 'scrape' and 'sand' and it involves stroking gemstones over your face.
It is extremely effective on releasing tight facial muscles and it helps with collagen production. It also promoted tissue drainage and therefore is great for treating puffy skin.

Gua Sha stones and Face Roller help the skin stay firm and help reduce wrinkles. Use it together with your favourite serum and you will notice that your serum sinks deeper into the skin
and hereby nourishes your skin cells on a deeper level.

Why not try it in combination with one of Vyana Beauty's serums? You can find them all under 'SKIN'.

The best thing about these little face tools? They help you skin heal and tighten without any chemicals.

The Vyana Beauty Face Roller and Gua Sha Stone are both made from 100% genuine rose quartz and the face roller features beautiful rose gold accents which are part of Vyana Beauty's key features. We simply love everything rose gold!

The Face Roller and Gua Sha Stone are wrapped in a beautiful silky soft vegan faux velvet pouch.

You can both the Face Roller & Gua Sha Stone as a set, or separately, simply choose the option you'd like to buy from the dropdown menu.

Face Roller Rose Quartz