Wake Up Coffee Eye Cream

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Are your eyes looking tired and swollen from too little sleep? Then this Wake Up Coffee eye cream is for you! It will give those tired eyes a double shot of espresso and wake them right up! (We also like to refer to it as our 'I sure feel tired but at least no one can tell' eye cream!) This lovely eye cream fights puffy eyes, dark circles and tired looking eyes with 100% natural ingredients! Plus, it smells amazing (like coffee)! Most eye creams rely heavily on toxins, chemicals and even whitening components to brighten up the under eyes. This eye balm, however, heals and nourishes your under-eyes instead of covering up the problem.


☀ COFFEE ROASTED OIL is full of caffeine which helps to wake up the skin under the eyes and helps with the blood circulation, making your skin look fresh and awakened.

☀ COCOA BUTTER is full of vitamins giving your delicate under eye area some love and nourishment. It also helps to fight fine lines with lots of good fatty acids. ☀ SHEA BUTTER is soft and creamy and makes this balm have it lovely creamy and almost gel like consistency.

☀ COCONUT OIL is full of good fatty acids that nourish the skin and help to lock in moisture and keep your under eye area hydrated.


Simply apply a bit of the eye cream onto the under eye area after cleansing your skin. Keep away from your eyes to avoid any irritation. Tip: keep the jar in your fridge for some added coolness for those tired and puffy eyes!


Coffee roasted oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, candelilla wax.