About Vyana

Vyana was founded in 2014. We were looking for natural, vegan and low waste beauty and we realised that it was just not out there!  

Vyana products are created with simple ingredients with the well being of the planet and the animals in mind.


Our mission

Vyana wants to show that you do not need to give up on aesthetics, style or performance when choosing clean zero waste beauty.

Who says you can't save the earth and look pretty while doing it?!

Vyana products are eco conscious, safe, gorgeous and feminine! Because we believe you can have it all!


Natural beauty 

We believe in natural beauty. Our products are designed to let natural beauty shine. We strive to help women feel comfortable in their own skin. No heavy layers of makeup, but light, dewy products. 'Your skin but better' we like to say.



All Vyana products are 100% handmade in small batches to assure the best quality possible. All products are created in Sweden.



Vyana uses only the finest and best ingredients the earth has to offer to create the products. 

We choose local suppliers wherever we can and sustainability is one of our top concerns when buying our materials. 



Here at Vyana we pride ourselves for being a green company. 

We always strive to become a more sustainable company and we are constantly evolving with our packaging and materials to create the best sustainable customer experience possible.


Refill Project

To minimise waste, Vyana started the Refill Project in 2019. With this project we hope to make customers more aware of sustainable ways to buy beauty products. 

As part of the Refill Project, we offer customers the option to return their empty jars to us and Vyana will refill the product for a 25% discount on the retail price. 



About the founder

Hi! I’m Daisy! I founded Vyana in 2014 when I realised that the natural beauty products that were out there just didn’t meet my standards and therefore I decided to create my own.

Over the last few years, Vyana has grown above my wildest dreams and it’s so amazing that I get to share my passion for natural and eco friendly beauty with so many of you. 

So far, Vyana products have been sold to over 50 countries! That just blows my mind. 

My quest to make Vyana continuously greener, more sustainable and more ethical is the driving force behind my passion. 

I truly believe that the future of business is green and as a mom, I’m more motivated than ever to create a world for my daughter where the wildness is increasingly (re)emerging.

If you are also passionate about sustainability, natural beauty or you just want to connect and get some more information, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d would love for us to talk!