Dark Circles Restorative Serum


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Puffy eyes and dark circles? This super concentrated eye serum helps to fight dark circles and puffy eyes with the help of organic rose hip and organic turmeric root. It also is great at fighting signs of aging so this eye serum is a staple in any anti age skin regime.


☀ TURMERIC is such a plant powerhouse! It is antibacterial, anti-fungal and it decreases swelling. Because of this, turmeric works great as remedy for puffy eyes. The yellow pigment of the turmeric root helps to brighten the skin tone and hereby helps to lighten dark under eye circles.

☀ ORGANIC ROSE HIP OIL is very high in vitamin A which helps to fight wrinkles and age spots and is therefore great to add to your anti age skin regime. It's also full of fatty acids which help to hydrate your skin on a deep level.

☀ VITAMIN E OIL helps to protect your skin from damage and free radicals. It also helps to prevent new wrinkles and fine lines, as well as reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and fine lines.

HOW TO USE Put a few drops of the serum onto the palm of our hand and rub the oil until it becomes warm. Then apply the warm oil to the under-eye area by gently rubbing and 'patting' it into the skin. The yellow pigment also works great as a natural highlighter, but it can stain, so wait a few minutes for it to set into your skin before you put on clothes, or lie on your pillow at night. Also make sure to wash your hands properly after applying the serum so that you don't get any stains on your hands.

WHAT'S IN IT Organic turmeric root, organic rose hip oil, vitamin e oil, organic grape seed oil.