Hibiscus & Beet Blush


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This Hibiscus & Beet Blush is made with the purest and simplest of ingredients and therefore is great for sensitive skin. This blush is 100% pigmented by plants and although that's awesome, please keep in mind that therefore the pigmentation will be a bit more subtle than with a mineral blush.


☀ ORGANIC HIBISCUS FLOWER is a gorgeous flower with lots of healing benefits. It makes a lovely tea and when the flowers are dried and made into a powder, they create a lovely red powder which has been used in this blush.

☀ ORGANIC BEETS are power house full of nutrients which will help feed the skin, as well give this blush a gorgeous red hue.

☀ ORGANIC CLAY is super hydrating and helps to lock moisture into the skin.

WHAT'S IN IT Organic hibiscus flowers, organic rose hips, organic beets, organic clay, organic corn starch.

HOW TO USE: simply apply the powder with a blush brush for a natural effect. If you'd like to have a bit more pigmentation, try using a buffing or stippling brush.


This Hibiscus & Beet Blush is sold in a 15ml jar (0.51 oz) rose gold aluminium jar.