Vyana Autumn Skin Routine

Vyana Autumn Skin Routine

Hi everyone, it’s Daisy, founder of Vyana and today I wanted to talk a bit about what products I’ve been loving to prepare my skin for the colder weather. 

As most of you know, I live in Sweden and the winter here is cold and long. The days have started to get shorter, the temperature is dropping and I’ve been noticing the shift with my skin too, so I knew it was time to say goodbye to some of my summer essentials and start with a richer, more nourishing skin routine.

The essentials

Now there are a few Vyana products that I really can’t live without no matter what season it is and I’ll talk about those first.

The Caffeine Eye Cream

As a mom deep in the trenches of life with a baby and a toddler, I definitely need this Caffeine Eye Balm ALL YEAR ROUND. I keep it in the fridge and apply it in the morning and it really helps to de-puff my tired eyes and make them look more awake.

The Dark Circles Eye Cream

Another Eye Cream that I simply cannot live without. Made with organic turmeric root, this eye cream helps to brighten dark under eye circles. I use this Dark Circles Eye Cream every single night. Please be aware that this Eye Cream can stain so make sure it’s fully absorbed before putting on clothes or going to bed.

Face Cleansing Grains

Although I will sometimes switch between the Anti Age and the Brightening one, I do use Face Cleansing Grains every single night. Some people are intimidated by these grains, but it’s so easy to use! This is how I do it:

  1. I take about a teaspoon of the powder in the palm of my hand.
  2. With my other hand I will ‘sprinkle’ in water until I have a nice mixture.
  3. I apply the mixture to my face and preferably let it sit for 1-2 min as a quick face mask.
  4. I wash it off with warm water with a reusable cloth wipe.

That’s it, So easy!

But I’m getting off track here, let’s get back to the Autumn Skin Routine!

Vyana Autumn Skin Routine

Changing to an autumn skin routine, the first thing you want to do is to choose heavy nutrition over hydration. Your skin needs more nutrient dense products as the weather gets colder. So here’s what my current autumn skin routine looks like:

Brightening Face Cleansing Grains

Yes, I said it before, I can’t live without these grains and in the autumn I love to use the Brightening Grains since the organic rose hip in there gives my skin a good vitamin C dose and makes my skin look radiant. I just want to mention that although these grains are gentle enough to use twice a day, I only use them at night and would recommend you do to. Your skin doesn’t need a full cleanse in the morning.

Anti Age Serum Jelly

Oh I love the Vyana Solid Serums! They are so light and immediately skin into your skin and they are packed with good nutrients. I’m currently using the Anti age one that’s made with green tea to fights any signs of ageing now that I am over 30..

The Brightening Face Serum

Yup, in the autumn time I’m all about radiant skin so this is when I bring out the Brightening Skin Serum. Made with potent rosehip and turmeric oil, this feels so good on my skin and it helps to even out my skin tone.

The Dark Circles Eye Cream / The Caffeine Eye Cream

Depending on whether it’s morning of night time, I will either use the caffein eye cream (mornings) or the dark circles eye cream (evenings).

I’ll finish off my autumn skin routine by applying a bit of the Restorative Calendula night cream to my lips, since my lips get really dry in the colder months and the calendula truly does wonders.

And that’s it! Just a few products, but lots of good stuff to treat my skin!

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a skin routine? Do you change up your products with the seasons?

Stay tuned for my autumn makeup essentials which will be posted on the blog next week.

Have a great week everyone xxx


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