Happy (Sustainable) Holidays!

Happy (Sustainable) Holidays!

It’s almost time to celebrate the Holidays, can you believe it? This year really has flown by! And although we are so excited about the new year with the release of lots of new Vyana products, we first get to celebrate those lovely holiday days with our loved ones. 

For many, the holidays includes at least some shopping for gifts and we are here to give you some tips on how to buy the best gifts, for both you and the earth!

First of all, why would you buy sustainable and conscious presents? Well, because we literally get to vote with our money on how we want to world to look like. When you buy something, you support that business, so make sure that you buy from somewhere that is in line with your beliefs. 

Our tips for buying gifts this holiday season:

  • Support Small Businesses 

When you buy from small businesses, the money you spend gets to go to someone who will really appreciate it. Those big business won’t notice it when you spend $25 dollars, but when you buy small, you are helping a small business owner pay for his or her groceries, how awesome is that?

Not to mention that small businesses almost always offer better quality, better customer service and overall simply a better shopping experience. So this holiday season, try to shop small!

  • Shop Local

Although not always possible, see if you can buy some of your presents locally. You will support the local market and help create jobs and because your gifts don’t have to be shipped, you help avoid some carbon emission. Pretty neat huh?!

  • Buy Ethically and sustainable

When buying gifts, do some research first. Is this brand getting their raw materials from sustainable sources? Look for fair wages and child labour free guarantees. 

We at Vyana are proud to only use 100% child labour free mica powders in all our products and we value sustainability for all our raw materials very highly.

  • Less is more 

Loads of gifts are really not necessary, Quality over quantity! Your family and friends will appreciate to get a few thoughtful, durable gifts over a bunch of cheaper gifts, we promise!

We hope you enjoyed some of these tips and that they will help you find some really nice, sustainable and well supporting gifts this holiday season.

Happy holidays from the Vyana team! xoxo

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